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All About Me

Updated: Dec 20, 2021


My very first blog post - how exciting!

In a world of vlogs and TikToks, I have wondered if I'm taking a step backwards as we fastly move into the realms of the virtual. However, being a writer at heart, I am - naturally - socially awkward, absolutely hate the sound of my voice and am not at all comfortable in front of a camera.

So here we are.

I have thought a lot about what my first blog post should be - how should I set my tone? Who do I want to come across as and how do I want people to see me? Should I aim for satire? controversy? thoughtful? serious? Do I want to be comical? intellectual? romantic? Entertaining?

And then I thought. NO. I should aim for me. Just me. I should write about MY life, MY interests, MY highs and MY lows. I should allow my style to shine through and develop on its own - as it will naturally over time. I will not force myself to come across as someone I'm not - and you can make your mind up.

So. With that in mind. My first blog post will be all about me.

All About Me:

My name is Kylie - as the name of the blog suggests - I live in Devon with my wonderful family including 2 beautiful children - boys aged 9 and 4. I'm also the proud mother of six Aloe Vera plants that are multiplying faster than a warren of rabbits!

I spent the first half of my adult life in the science industry. I am still very passionate about anything sciency, so I expect I will eagerly share any interesting discoveries I make over the next few years, look out for those if it interests you as much as it does me.

I am currently a part-time Support Worker and a vegetarian. My other passions in life are, creating masterpieces with my mini Picassos', walking, reading - most frequently while enjoying a good soak in a well-bubbled bath. I enjoy nature reserves, animals - particularly bees and rabbits. Autumn is my favourite season!

Wine, gin and good friends are also vital for a healthy and happy life.

In 2016, I decided to follow my childhood dreams and my second passion in life. It was the year I decided to attempt a career in writing - like the beginning of a heartwarming story that ends with me sitting in an office, surrounded by my very own bestsellers, sipping a sauvignon - although, after five years, I am still only at the start, that vision has never left me.

I am currently studying for a MA in Creative writing, after completing several other (financially draining) courses, as well as working on my second. Yes. Second. Novel. So I guess I am getting there. Slowly.

As they say - nothing in life worth doing is going to be easy.

This blog will be used to document my writing journey, the highs and lows, I'm hoping to meet other aspiring writers so we can maybe help each other through the process, and with any luck - some successful ones who can offer advice. Are there any other wannabe writer's out there who would care to share some wisdom, or compare struggles? I'm here and always ready to chat - I'm also passionate about chatting!

As well as documenting my writing journey, sharing short stories, and snippets from my work in progress. I will also use this space as a place to document my family life, science articles I believe the world needs to hear, the struggles of working and studying, book reviews - because a 5* book NEEDS to be shared! And anything else that pops up along the way.

Anyway, I'd like to keep my first blog short and sweet so I will leave it here, I am very excited to meet some new people and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Does anyone share any of my interests? If you'd like to chat please contact me or send me a comment.

I'll end my post with a quote from one of my favourite authors, which I think is very apt under the circumstances. Circumstances being me finding the courage to switch careers and finally being brave enough to write my very first blog post:

- "You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will"

Stephen (Legend) King.

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