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Back to Reality with a Bang

So, the festive period is almost over. The presents are still piled up under the tree - mainly because I have no energy (or space) to put them away. The mulled wine is finished and the gin is empty - apart from a couple of emergency shots. If the kids keep arguing over whose turn it is to go on the switch the emergency gin may run out very soon. Luckily there's also an emergency vodka in the back of the cupboard so I should have enough to get me back to school - SHOULD, being the operative word. Not to mention the £30,000 debt we've acquired.

I've spent two entire days putting together lego sets, reading Christmas books, playing board games, Mario Kart and colouring in pictures of Disney princesses. i.e.- I've put it off for as long as I possibly can and run out of excuses not to get back to the slog and grind. Also, we're waiting for a PCR result for the youngest kiddo so we're stuck at home. The Universe has literally handed me the opportunity to get back to work - on a very depressing plate.

Luckily the eldest kiddo received enough Lego to keep him occupied until Christmas 2030 and doesn't need any supervision and the youngest is under the weather, so it is perfectly acceptable to put on some Disney films and leave him to it - with the occasional snuggle and regular dose of Calpol, of course.

I'm behind on both my courses and have an assignment due in eight days I am about to start a second job. And I still have two children to keep alive so I think I'm about three weeks away from becoming the busiest person in the UK - possibly the entire world - it feels that way at least. So it's a day of writing and studying for me, so at least I can catch up on one of the courses - maybe two if I skip lunch and dinner.

And let's not even go into the ever-growing list of abandoned chores, maybe I need a PA? or a cleaner? A cleaner would be good! A cleaner would change my life!... But for the moment I'll just suffer the gauntlet of toys, abandoned fruit and piles of clothes every time I venture from office to kitchen to top up the much-needed caffeine.

I know there are loads of us out there. Holding down jobs with kids. Studying for a better life... Do your houses suffer like mine? Do you manage to keep the washing pile down and stay on top of the ironing? Are you superhuman? Please send tips - I beg you.

Anyway, I hope your Christmasses were as Christmassy as mine. I hope you were able to hug your loved ones. I hope you manage to get through the leftover cheese and turkey. And if anyone else is feeling the post-Christmas blues and struggling to find a way back to normal - you aren't alone.


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